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Swedish main branch
Törmi Design Ab 559306-2689
Kyrkogatan 6
972 32 Luleå

Finnish office
Törmi Design Oy 3317229-8
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90120 Oulu


Tormi Design Ab terms of use
Product prices include VAT. We reserve the right to change prices and delivery costs. When trading, we follow the trading instructions given by the Finnish Consumer Agency to online retailers.

These general terms and conditions ("General Terms") apply when ("Customer" or "you") place an order from Törmi Design Ab ("Company" or "we") at, (" website").

Official company name: Törmi Design Ab (Törmi Design Oy)
Social security number: 559306-2689 (3317229-8)

By accepting these general terms and conditions, you confirm that you are at least 18 years old or have the permission of a legal guardian and that you comply with the general terms and conditions. You also confirm that you have read the information about personal data and cookies, and you agree to the use of this information.

Products are ordered by moving them to the shopping cart and paying via the link provided by the shopping cart. All customer information is treated confidentially. When ordering from the online store, you are required to have familiarized yourself with and agreed to the delivery conditions valid at any given time.

You are responsible for ensuring that the personal information you provide is correct and complete. We process personal data in matters related to customer management, in customer communication, in the marketing of the services we offer, and in the development of services in accordance with our privacy statement. Information (e.g. the subscriber's IP address) can be handed over to the police in connection with the investigation of possible cases of abuse and attempted fraud.

The prices indicated on the website apply to orders placed on the website. All prices are in the currency stated on the website and include VAT.
Pricing error
We reserve the right to price changes, for example, in a situation where the product has been wrongly sold at a clear loss.

The products in stock are delivered within 3-5 business days of the order.
If the delivery is delayed, we will contact the customer separately. You can cancel the order if the delivery is delayed by more than 30 days and the delay is not your fault.

If the product is not picked up in time and it is returned to the sender, we will charge the total amount of the shipping costs for the return of the product.
Customers ordering from countries outside the EU are responsible for possible import duties and taxes.

Delivery costs vary depending on the country of delivery.

The customer has the right to return the ordered products within 14 days of receiving the products. Return instructions can be obtained by contacting Please return the products in their original packaging and in the condition in which the products were when they arrived. If the product is no longer in perfect sales condition, we will deduct the value reduction from the amount to be returned.

The customer is responsible for the product return fee.
Törmi Design doesnt't refund shipping costs.
We will pay the refunded amount as quickly as possible, but no later than 14 days after the return arrives. The return will only be made after the products to be returned have arrived. The refunded amount will be returned to the payment method that was used when placing the original order.
The return does not apply to custom-made products.

The order confirmation serves as a warranty certificate. The warranty only covers original manufacturing defects. If the products show damage caused by normal use or abuse, the warranty is not valid.

In the event of a warranty, contact us by e-mail and provide the following information: subscriber's contact information, order number, product name and a picture of the product being advertised.

If the product can be repaired, it will be repaired first. If it is not possible to replace the product, it will be replaced with a similar or equivalent product. If the product is not exchangeable, we will refund you the price of the product in accordance with the applicable consumer protection legislation and we will be responsible for the costs of returning the products to us.

If, in the event of a complaint, the disagreement regarding the sales contract cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the customer can refer the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board ( for resolution. Before taking the case to the Consumer Disputes Board, the customer must contact consumer advice (

You have the following rights in relation to your personal data:
right to get all of your personal data
the right to correct or remove your data
the right to restrict processing 
the right to object to processing
the right to transfer data

We comply with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which entered into force on May 25, 2018. Customer data is collected and stored only for the order process and delivery of goods to the correct address. The information necessary for the newsletter is collected only with the customer's consent. Shopify Inc. has authorized the Törmi Design online store. Read more about their privacy policy HERE.

Törmi Design may hand over some necessary information to third parties, for example to guarantee delivery or for marketing purposes.

We pass on information to the following third parties:
To the transport company
To PayPal, when the customer chooses PayPal as the payment method
To Klarna, when the customer chooses Klarna as the payment method
To the credit provider, when the customer chooses a credit card as payment method

If you want to know what information is stored about you, send your inquiry to

You have the right to have your personal data deleted from Törmi Design Ab without undue delay, and Törmi Design Ab is also obliged to delete personal data, for example, when the personal data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected or otherwise processed or you have withdrawn your consent, on which the processing is based.


Customer Register Data Protection Statement 27 March 2023


Swedish main branch
Törmi Design Ab
Kyrkogatan 6
972 32 Luleå

Finnish office
Törmi Design Oy
Puistokatu 13 C 12
90120 Oulu
3317229-8 / 559306-2689

Person handling registry matters:
Mimmi Törmi
Törmi Design Ab
Kyrkogatan 6
972 32 Luleå

Please send contacts regarding registry matters to
We collect personal data to manage the customer relationship. The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the agreement between us and the resulting statutory obligations. Providing personal information is a prerequisite for the creation of a contract. In other words, you cannot order goods from our online store if you do not provide your personal information.

We also collect personal data for marketing purposes. The legal basis for processing personal data is consent. We collect three types of information about you: information that can be observed from the use of online services, information that you provide yourself, and information that can be managed with the help of analytics.

Name of the register: Törmi Design Ab's customer information register
Personal data processed by Törmi Design:
We or our partners collect and process the following information:

Customer and contact information: Name, address, phone number and log-in information (email address and password), transaction language, electronic marketing permits and purchase history from online stores and stores. When you place an order from the online store, we also collect information about the delivery method and payment method from you.

Information related to the use of the website: Website events, such as side screens, adding to the cart or wish list, ordering a reminder message for an out-of-stock product, order information, delivery methods, payment methods and login information.

E-mail marketing / Shopify: Name, address, e-mail address and information about e-mail marketing events, such as message delivery, opening and clicks and management of marketing permissions. The data used are e.g. e-mail address, information about possible purchase history, newsletter delivery, opening and click data, as well as online store browsing history. We use the information to target advertising in such a way that you receive advertisements from us that are of interest to you.

Information related to website development: We use the information we collect to develop our services and improve customer service. We use Google Analytics and Shopify's analytics. For such analyses, we mainly only use aggregate level or Anonymous data. Some of this information may be classified as personal information. These include e.g. IP address, date and time of service use, hardware, software, internet browser and information about the operating system, application version and language settings of the device used.
Other communication: If you have products left in the shopping cart, we will remind you. In this case, you don't have to add the products to the shopping cart again.

Your personal data will be received by:
Our company and its employees.
Payment intermediaries that receive payment from you. Depending on the payment method used, in addition to the name, address and order and payment information, in connection with certain payment methods, the account number, social security number or the last 4 digits of the credit card are also processed in a manner determined independently by the service provider.
The transport company that transports the goods to you.
An accounting office that records the order in our accounting.
An auditor who audits our accounts.
Shopify, the company responsible for email marketing, if you have accepted email marketing.

We store your personal data:
We only keep your personal data for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes here. In addition, some information can be kept longer to the extent that it is necessary to fulfill the obligations set by law, such as accounting and consumer trade responsibilities, and to demonstrate their proper implementation.

You have the following rights:
The right to check your personal data.
Right to rectification of data.
The right to restrict processing (for example, you can prohibit marketing).
The right to object to processing.
The right to withdraw consent (for example, you can withdraw your consent to marketing).
The right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Please note that you only have the "right to be forgotten" if we have no legal obligations to continue processing your personal data.

Purpose of the register:
The register is used to manage the online store's customer relations, order processing and archiving, as well as for the development, evaluation and marketing of the company's operations when the customer approves.

Regular sources of information:
Törmi Design Ab's own customer data has been used as the data source for the register. When subscribing/making an order for the newsletter, the customer enters the information into the system himself or reports it by e-mail.
Regular data transfers and data transfers outside the EU or the European

Economic Area:
We use some external service providers. Some of these partners may have access to your personal data both inside and outside the EU and EEA. If data is transferred or handed over, it is done securely in accordance with the EU data protection regulation and personal data is protected as required by the Personal Data Act.

Principles of registry protection:
The access right is granted only to persons bound by confidentiality and familiar with the use of the register, whose position and tasks the access right is related to. The register is located on a secure server, the information of which can only be accessed after two-step authentication.

Data check:
According to the Personal Data Act, the customer has the right to check his data in the register.

Data deletion:
Törmi Design Ab can delete information from the register without requests, and the person entered in the register can ask for their information to be deleted. It is possible to stop subscribing to the newsletter and/or edit your own information from the link at the end of each newsletter or by contacting us by phone or email.

Changing the privacy statement:
We reserve the right to change this privacy policy as we continue to develop our services. We recommend reading the privacy statement at regular intervals. Registered customers will be notified of significant changes to the privacy statement.